A new home for refugees

GlobalVillage is about creating thriving communities in vacant buildings. On the one hand
refugees with a residence permit, looking to start their life here. And on the other hand Dutch students, looking for affordable housing. Together, they can connect, help each other and form a new community. Practical. Affordable. Ready for the future.

Integration through transitional housing

Transitional housing offers an effective and affordable solution to a growing challenge: housing and integrating newcomers. Vacant and redundant real estate is used to create new homes for both refugees with a residence permit, as well as Dutch students. The mixing of these two groups is key: newcomers come in direct contact with Dutch citizens and form a community of support and guidance.

Although transitional housing is temporary, this approach – achieved in partnership with OAK Management – creates a societal effect that is quite permanent: a network of people that are practically and socially engaged with each other. Refugees who can truly become part of society. GlobalVillage will select candidates based on suitable profiles and motivations. Socially adept go-getters, with a knack for creating opportunities and connections. Want to join? Let us know!

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About us

Pascalle Brekelmans (The Hague, 1970) is a social entrepreneur. She is the founder of Anti-Kraak Beheer, a vacant property management company (anti-squatting), and Young Startup, an online community for startups.

Pascalle has a broad experience working with anti-squatting organisations and with the development of alternative accommodation for starting entrepreneurs. The last year and a half, she did an extensive study of the housing of asylum seekers.
Additionally, Pascalle regularly joins one of the local volunteer teams in Lesbos, Greece, to aid refugees.

Case study AZC GlobalVillage

Concept for a modern inner-city refugee center


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